Immigrant Caravan:
A group of migrants from Central America are walking north and headed to the United States, some estimate that they crowd is as big as 4,000 people. 

In a new move, President Trump has said he will cut off funding to any country that allows the migrants to head north. Now it becomes not a US problem, but a problem of the countries in Central America- because they get a good amount of cash from us. 

Mexico has strong immigration laws, but they have always been lax and let people travel thru, as long as they keep heading north towards the US. After Trump’s proclamation, Mexico sent troops down to their southern border to stop the migrants. 

Missouri US Senate Race:
McCaskill’s campaign is calling on Josh Halwey to investigate how Project Veritas got into her campaign. She even went as far as saying Hawley had a direct hand in getting someone enbeded in her campaign… and then she realized she may have gone too far, so she stepped it back. 

If you missed the undercover Project Veritas video- you can watch it here… 

Payday Loans:
The Springfield council is considering putting regulations on payday loan businesses. 

Social Media:
In a twee, Louis Farrakhan said he isn’t anti-semite- he is anti-termite. Many are questioning Twitter’s standards and how they are so inconsistent. 

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