Good morning! We’ve made it halfway through the work week! Nick Reed talks about: The new Wednesday roadshow, Mueller investigation, and much more.


Roots Coffee Bar: 

KSGF is proud to announce a new sponsor. Nick Reed will now be broadcasting live each Wednesday for the roadshow. Where you may ask? Roots Coffee Bar! What makes Roots Coffee Bar interesting is that you can order coffee, cocktails and much more.

Roots Coffee Bar is located at: 1645 W Republic Rd ste g, Springfield, MO 65807. Come hang out with Nick Reed each Wednesday morning!

Clinton Tour: 

Hillary and Bill are currently on a 13 city tour. What’s interesting is the Clinton’s are demanding hundreds of dollars per ticket, and some cities are not selling out. Ticketmaster had to close the event out last night with only half of the tickets sold.

Washington Post Interview:

The Washington Post sat down with President Trump last night to do a full interview with him. President Trump said  “They’re making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.”

Dee Wampler: 

Dee Wampler joins the program this morning. Have you been paying attention to the El Chapo trial? The trial is expected to last about six months, and is very private.

Police drug dogs may be a thing of the past. The legalization of marijuana may force about 20 percent of police dogs into early retirement. Many police dogs were trained to detect marijuana, which is no longer a threat.

Cotton Candy Incident: 

A woman in Georgia who spent three months in jail after police thought blue cotton candy in her car was methamphetamine due to a faulty drug test has now filed a federal lawsuit against officials who stopped her and the manufacturer of the test kits.