Today Nick analyzed what President Trump will do about the border, talked about a journalist who won a CNN award in 2014 who just admitted to faking news, and he was also joined by former Springfield councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky.

Border Funding:
Conservatives who were looking for action taken at the border are quickly turning on President Trump. 

A triple amputee Air Force Veterans has taken action into his own hands and is raising money to fund the border wall.

Some are hoping that President Trump will pull out a veto.

The Senate passed the stopgap measure for funding the government… then Trump post’s this…

  • Senate passes stopgap resolution to avoid government shutdown. (NBC News)

Fake News:
CNN’s 2014 Journalist of the Year just revealed that he created fake news for at least 14 of his stories. 

Author of the Week:
Democrat Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich is no fan of Robert Muller. 

It looks like the Democrats faked Russian influence in Roy Moore’s campaign.

It looks like Buzzfeed got the dossier from someone tied to McCain…