Bernie Sanders is getting attacked for how the women on his 2016 staff were treated. This morning Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon joined Nick Reed to talk about yesterday’s vote on allowing the state auditor to do an audit of the county.

Greene County Commission:
Yesterday morning the Greene County Commission voted unanimously voted to allow the state auditor to come into the county to do an audit. 

President Trump/ Rand Paul:
Many are starting to ask questions about the relationship and influence between President Trump and Rand Paul and it sounds like libertarians aren’t excited about it. 

There was a provision inside of Obamacare that penalized hospitals for re-admissions, so many have been turning away people who are still needing help.

Bird Box Challenge:
Because of the Netflix flick, people are now participating in the #BirdBoxChallenge by blindfolding themselves doing daily tasks and uploading the video to social media. 

Democrats 2020:
During the holiday season she announced she was forming an exploratory committee for 2020 and decided to do a live Instagram video. While she did it she awkwardly grabbed a beer. 

Some are trying to get Bernie Sanders out of the way for his 2020 bid, and have brought up how women were treated during his 2016 campaign. His response was- I was a little busy to notice what was going on. 

Michael Savage:
Michael Savage is getting some attention due to the threats against his life. 

It was announced earlier this year that Savage would be cutting his radio show from 3 hours to just 1. Those changes will take place on Monday