A PEW study shows Christians are overrepresented in Congress, Democrats start talks of impeaching President Trump and also getting rid of the Electoral College.

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Mitt Romney:
People are still talking about Mitt Romney’s piece about President Trump…

President Trump:
The 116th congress convened yesterday and the Democrats have already begun talks of impeaching President Trump.  

Democrats tried to also impeach President George W. Bush

The Democrats are also trying to get rid of the Electoral College.

There is a new Pew Research study that says that Christians are overrepresented in Congress

More than just the Bible was used to swear in the 116th Congress.

Nancy Pelosi:
Yesterday Nancy Pelosi said the constitution compared her equal to President Trump.

After her speech, you hear her say that she missed some pages

Government Shutdown:
During the shutdown you may not see any new kinds of alcohol on the shelves because it takes about a month for the government to approve a label before it can go to sale.