President Trump is considering declaring a national emergency to help get the border wall funding, Ocasio-Cortez says she wants America to be more socialist like Sweden- but it’s not a socialist country, and more.

Border Funding/ Government Shutdown:
President Trump is using Democrats own words and voting record against them when it comes to supporting a border. 

President Trump is talking about ditching a concrete wall at the border for a steel one. 

President Trump could declare a national emergency to get the funding he needs for the border wall.

The legalization of recreational marijuana has impacted the marijuana industry in California. 

Today Missouri will start taking applications for dispensaries, manufacturing and cultivation licenses for medical marijuana. 

Elizabeth Warren:
Elizabeth Warren is trying to do some damage control when it comes to her Native American heritage.

The NAACP believes that signs about earthquakes in Portland near old brick buildings are about racism- not about safety. 

Ocasio-Cortez said she wants America to be more socialist like Sweden… but Sweden isn’t socialist! 

Sweden actually has more economic freedom than the United States. 

Men in the UK, the US and Australia all discriminate more against men than women 

Supreme Court:
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments after her recent surgery