Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer found themselves the joke of the internet after last night’s rebuttal to President Trump’s address to the nation, a latino sorority is suing University of Virginia for punishing them to require members to study 25 hours a week, and more.

Border Wall/ Shutdown:
Last night President Trump addressed the nation asking for funding for the border wall.


After the speech Nancy Pelosi and Chuch Schumer countered President Trump and the internet went crazy…

A CNN commentator believes that Pelosi and Schumer fell into a trap set by President Trump

Some are upset that the shutdown is causing long lines at airport security. Since the TSA has been affected, many are just calling in sick.

False Hate Crimes:
The son of a Ferguson protester was found hanging from a tree and his mother claimed his murder was retaliation for her activism. The medical examiner just ruled it as a suicide. 

Even thought we have learned the death of Jazmine was not a white guy looking to kill a black kid, the rhetoric is still being spread.

A latina sorority us suing University of Virginia because they were wrongfully accused of hazing for setting a requirement that members must do 35 hours of studying a week- even though its a similar policy to athletic teams. 

If you look at the headline, it justifies the liberal idea that Trump was working with the Russians. However if you look into the story, Manafort was talking about polling info with a friend and that friend had a friend who was a Russian.

Democratic Megadonor:
Two bodies were found, several months apart, on democratic megadonor Ed Buck’s property and both were black men. Last night protesters gathered near his house and believe that the death of the first man was not investigated properly.