CNN’s Jim Acosta visits the border wall as they back out of an interview with a San Diego Station, a member of the media is fired for altering a President Trump video, and more.

Border Wall:
Jim Acosta just showed how dense he really is. He posted a video of himself at the border, a part that has a wall up, and he said there was no crisis going on… proving that the wall is working. 

CNN asked a local San Diego station to do an interview about their thoughts on the border wall. CNN then found out that they had reported about it in the past about how effective it was, so they cancelled.

What’s happened to Lindsey Graham (not that we are complaining)?! He’s pushing the wall very hard, but remember in 2015 he was for amnesty and was even being called Lindsey Grahamnesty?

Media Bias:

CBS is being called out for removing fact-checks that proved President Trump’s points about illegal immigration- including the fact that women are being raped! 

A staff member at a Seattle Fox affiliate has been fired for visually changing President Trump’s appearance to make it look like he was sticking his tongue out at the American people and changing the hue to make him look more orange. 

Missouri Politics:
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