Right now in Missouri if you knowingly give someone HIV you can be charged with a minimum of 10 years in prison. Lawmakers, including Republicans want that sentenced reduced- stating that having HIV is not as life-changing as it used to be.  

The Marshfield school district says they have 111 students that are homeless, which is up this year. When you look at the qualifications for homeless under this act it even includes people who live in trailer homes. 

President Trump:
President Trump’s Inaugural Committee has been asked to hand over documents. They asked for documents regarding Imaad Zuberi an entrepreneur. If you look into Zuberi’s donations- he gives to both Democrats and Republicans.. including Hillary Clinton. Nick believes they are trying to bully the rich into steering clear of people like Trump. 

Virginia Governor:
Somehow a Senator from Ohio has made the story of the Virginia Governor’s photo of “black face” on President Trump… 

After the revelation of this photo of the Governor’s yearbook page- we are learning that things aren’t as stable inside the Democrat party in Virginia as we may have thought.

We had a similar black face debate here in Missouri many years ago.

State of the Union:
The guests to the State of the Union have become political pawns. 

Meliania Trump has invited a young child who has been bullied because he has the last name Trump.

KSGF will air the State of the Union commercial free.

Democrats blocked the “born-alive abortion survivors protection act”