This morning we woke up to learn about an attack in New Zealand on a Mosque- 49 are now dead. Also, there are renewed talks in Missouri about a gas tax. Read these stories here… 

New Zealand Mosque Attack:
The shooters, who is being called a white supremacist, said he did this shooting to take revenge for all of the people in Europe who have been killed by terror attacks. 49 people are dead after the attack was live streamed on Facebook. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is drawing ire after her comments on Twitter about the shooting. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar:
Democrats may be eyeballing a candidate to run against Rep. Omar after all of her anti-semitic comments. 

Gas Tax:
Missouri lawmakers are pushing the gas tax once again. This time not only would it increase, it would also be adjusted for inflation- so the price would continually go up without having to as us for approval.

Missouri Personal Property:
There is a movement to remove personal property tax in Missouri. The people behind this movement are hoping to get it on the ballot in November of 2020.