Guest: Christopher Long

From the Publisher:
At age 22, Trent Davis no longer is the naive Midwestern church boy who wrote songs in science class to his high school sweetheart, Tracy. Adored by legions of fans worldwide, Trent now has become a delusional, greed-driven, drug-addicted alcoholic with a raging ego. Trent’s life spirals further out of control after he is exposed in a torrid affair with the wife of powerful and vengeful businessman, Richard Moore. He’s soon forced from his world of sold-out concert appearances, backstage pampering and luxury tour buses, and into a desperate life on the run–an unfamiliar place where his fame and fortune are of no value. Embracing the drug-hazed perception that his own marriage and career have been irreparably destroyed, and fearing the certainty of Moore’s fatal wrath, Trent attempts to seal his own fate by “finishing the job” himself. But just as he cocks the hammer of the loaded .44 magnum revolver buried in his mouth, Trent’s phone rings suddenly. Could his guardian angel be on the line?
Superstar is the explosive story of country music sensation, Trent Davis–his meteoric rise to fame, his scandalous fall from grace and his heart-stopping fight for survival. Given the enormous current popularity of country music, Superstar will appeal to a wide, primarily adult audience–believers and non-believers alike.

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