Another Whistleblower: 

Another whistleblower has come forward over the weekend in regards to President Trump’s phone call to Ukraine.

Chuck Todd: 

On Sunday, Chuck Todd flipped out on Sen. Ron Johnson after the Republican brought up possible CIA leaks during the Trump-Russia investigation.

President… Pelosi?

On MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday, host Joy Reid and her panel of commentators envisioned a scenario in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi becomes president.

Elizabeth Warren: 

Elizabeth Warren shares a story that she was once fired from a teaching job because she became “visibly pregnant.”

Bernie Sanders Health: 

Last week, Bernie Sanders had a surgery for stents to be put in his heart. No big deal, right? Well, the Sanders campaign is now saying it was a heart attack. Will Sanders health be a problem if he is elected president?

KSGF SoundCloud: 

What is going on with the KSGF SoundCloud? Sarah the Producer tells the rather funny story of why we no longer upload on SoundCloud.

Ozarks Senate Race: