Iran Flag

Golden Globes:

Ricky Gervais revealed that the reason that he roasted Hollywood liberals during this year’s Golden Globes was because they wear “their liberalism like a medal.”

Journalism in America:

Lara Logan stated that she doesn’t understand how Americans are essentially siding with Iran to attack President Trump.

Resolution by Ted Cruz:

Sen. Ted Cruz is pushing a resolution to honor the Trump administration and American service members who killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Mike Lee:

Republican Sen. Mike Lee left a classified Capitol Hill intelligence briefing on the situation in Iran held by the White House visibly angry Wednesday, saying he will now support a resolution to establish control over President Trump’s military powers.

Fake News:

The Army is warning people not to fall for text messages informing them that they’ve been selected to be drafted into the military.

Ukraine Flight UPDATE:

A Ukrainian official said Thursday the country is considering a Russian missile strike as one of several possible causes for a Ukrainian passenger plane crash.


Pentagon officials believe that the more than a dozen missiles launched Tuesday night were designed to kill Americans, but the Iranian efforts were thwarted by the military’s Early Warning Systems.

Locke and Smith Award:

Yesterday, The Locke and Smith Foundation announced the 2019 recipients of the granite plaque award. Congrats to Mike Moon and Eric Burlison!

Embrace Your Body:

Jillian Michaels faced social media blowback for her “fat-shaming” comments about singer Lizzo, who has been praised for her message of “body positivity.”

Joe Biden:

Fielding a question on the environment posed by an international supporter in Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden said he “100 percent” believes we should “not be allowing plastic.”