VP Debate Recap: 

Last night, Kamala Harris got crushed by VP Mike Pence in the Vice Presidential debate. Jake  Tapper made a comment on why he believed Harris lost.

And George Stephanopoulos accused Mike Pence of mansplaining.

During the debate, Harris refused to answer the question on packing the Supreme Court.

Kamala Harris also lied about what Abraham Lincoln did when it came to the Supreme Court.

At one point in the debate, Harris snapped at VP Pence saying, “I’m talking! I’m talking.” VP Mike Pence shot back “Then tell the truth.”

Presidential Debate: 

It was just announced that the next debate between President Trump and Biden will be virtual. President Trump says that he will not participate if it’s virtual. Is Trump making a mistake?


The Chinese Communists censored Mike Pence last night during the debate.

Springfield Mask Mandate: