About the book:

June 7, 1992, is the day that changed Springfield, Missouri, forever. That’s when the “three missing women,” also known as “the Springfield Three,” disappeared without a trace.

The day before was one of celebration for Stacy McCall and Suzie Streeter, for that was when they graduated from Kickapoo High School. June 7 was supposed to be light-hearted and fun for the new graduates as they planned a trip to a water park in Branson with several of their classmates. Following a night of parties, the young women made a late-night, last-minute decision to sleep at Suzie’s house – the home of her mother, Sherrill Levitt. It was a fateful decision because by the morning of June 7, the three women had vanished and were never seen again. Based on a true story, this novel explores the details of a real missing-person’s case via a father-and-son’s fictional search for truth. In the spring of 2020, co-authors Alan Brown and Brian Brown were facing a downturn at the family’s St. Louis-based marketing firm. During their idle time, they began discussing and researching the most famous unsolved case from Brian’s hometown. Soon, Brian was headed to Springfield to meet with his father’s friend, an Ozarks’ original, Private Investigator Booger McClain. What follows is an investigation like no other; one which ultimately reveals the gratitude friends and families can share with one another as they live lives of chance.




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