The Trump campaign announced a federal lawsuit Thursday against Nevada, claiming the state is illegally counting votes cast by non-residents.

Josh Hawley:

Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted out “If last 24 hrs have made anything clear, it’s that we need new election integrity laws NOW. Ban ballot harvesting, guarantee poll watcher access, make ballot counting transparent. I will introduce.”

Will that honestly make a difference?

Daniel Horowitz:

What do we do about the outright fraud that’s happening? Nick Reed shares a piece that Daniel Horowitz wrote.

Jan Fisk:

Councilwoman Jan Fisk announced at the end of Monday night’s City Council meeting that she had delivered to the city a check for $3,453 to bring to a close an ethics investigation.

Stop the Steal:

A massive pro-Trump Facebook group named “Stop the Steal” was shut down by the social media company after quickly amassing over 360,000 followers since it was created on Wednesday.


While you were sleeping Democrats just found another 750,000 ballots in Pennsylvania.

A registered Democrat and poll watcher at the Philadelphia Convention Center overseeing ballot counters detailed corruption at the highest levels in the city of Philadelphia.


We have one question: What is going on in Michigan?

Yesterday, Michigan votes were ‘turned in’ with no name on them.

And WHY did voters choose Democrat Joe Biden, but not the Democrat Senator Gary Peters? Suspicious?


Well… I guess we have TWO questions: what is going on in Georgia?