01.05 The Gun Show – 2019 Came In With A Bang

  • Crime Stats: Springfield really rung in the New Year… 63 calls for assaults, 45 calls for burglaries, and 45 calls for shots fired. This is just for one week, and just for the city limits of Springfield.
  • Why are the crime stats so high this week? Matt explains his belief on the outrageous number of shots fired.
  • Are these shots just one side of the town, or all they all over? Dee Wampler explains why you need to be aware of your surroundings on any side of town.
  • Personal Defense & Civil Liability: Dee Wampler talks about different ways to protect yourself from being sued. Dee also talks about businesses that are considered a gun-free zone.
  • Police Officer Training: Matt covers the difference between range shooting and real life shooting. Why do police officers miss so much when shooting?
  • Matt pulled information from fbi.gov
  • Officers miss 8/10 shots.