01.19 The Gun Show – Illegal Immigrants & Drug Trafficking

  • Crime Stats: 36 calls for assaults, 31 calls for burglaries, and 4 calls for shots fired. These are just for one week, and just for the city limits of Springfield.
  • Illegal Immigrants: Dee Wampler talks about illegal immigrant statistics and the number of criminals caught at the southern border last year.
  • 90% of heroin that’s in the United States is coming from the southern border. What do we do about this issue?
  • ATF: Matt and Dee give an update on the ban of bump stocks.
  • Matt talks about safety and security tips for everyday scenarios that we face. This week: late night gas station runs. Matt gives the tips: stay in your car and look around. Drive around the building once to get a feel for the situation you’ll be putting yourself in. You’re the must vulnerable getting in and out of your vehicle.