03.16 The Gun Show – Mosque Shooting & Church Security

  • Crime Stats: This week we’ve had 32 calls for assaults, 48 calls for burglaries, and 14 calls for shots fired. This is just for one week, and just for the city limits of Springfield.
  • Upcoming Seminar: Matt will be hosting part 3 of his 4 part series starting this Thursday from 6 – 7:30 p.m. at Classic Rock Coffee. This event is FREE to the public.
  • Anti-gun Legislation/Bad News: Dee shares several bad news items that have recently been in the news. In Connecticut, you may now sue a gun manufacturer. There will be a hearing on March 26th for guns called “Keep Americans Safe Act.” ALSO: The NRA is now silent about the background check act.
  • Mosque Shooting: A 28-year-old Australian shot up two mosques in New Zealand on Friday.  These mosques didn’t have a security team, and the members inside didn’t have an open carry, or a CCW. These members were considered “soft targets” for this shooter. How can we learn from this horrible tragedy?