04.13 PODCAST: Shot Spotters, Crime in Missouri, and MORE..

  • Crime Stats: 73 calls for assaults, 41 calls for burglaries, and 27 calls for shots fired. This is just for one week, and just for the city limits of Springfield.
  • Crime in St. Louis: So far this year, there have been 30 + murders reported in St. Louis… Why is the crime rate so high? Dee dives into the legal aspects.
  • Shot Spotters: There is a new device that is being implemented in bigger cities. This device is placed on high rise buildings, and can detect shots fired. This allows police to pinpoint where the shots are being fired. More times than not, people don’t report shots fired to the police.
  • Red Flag Laws: Dee gives an update on where Missouri stands on the Red Flag Laws.
  • Lever Action Firearms: Craig covers several new items that you need for your firearm. Craig also stresses how important it is to know about the law in each state if you plan to travel with your firearm.
  • Range Shooting Techniques: There is a difference between range shooting, and learning how to win a gun fight. Matt jumps in and discusses the difference. What technique do the police learn?