11.24 PODCAST: The Best Ammo

  • Crime Stats: 60 calls for assaults, 51 calls for burglaries, and 13 calls for shots fired. These calls are just for the city limits of Springfield, and just for one week.
  • Anti Gun Legislation: The passing of medical marijuana may seem like a good thing, right? It may mess with owning a firearm.
  • Arming teachers: Should teachers be armed? Dee Wampler talks about Florida possibly arming teachers to protect students.
  • Personal Defense Ammunition: There are four basic types of ammunition. Lead round nose, Full metal jacket, Jacketed hollow point, semiwad cutter. When it comes to personal defense ammunition, it comes down to balance.https://soundcloud.com/ksfg-fm/112418-the-gun-show-the-best-ammo-for-personal-defense