12.29 The Gun Show – Red Flag Laws

Crime Stats:

This week we don’t need the crime stats because there’s multiple stories in the news that relate to criminal activity. This is suppose to be the most peaceful time on earth, yet we’re reporting homicides, eight people being shot, and a standoff.

Red Flag Laws: 

Ever since the Parkland shooting, Red Flag Laws have been making national headlines. A red flag law is tagged as a gun violence prevention law. This would allow friends and family members to contact local law enforcement, and officers would be able to remove a gun from a household if there’s a cause for concern. That person would then have to speak to a judge to get their firearm back. It’s possible that the gun wouldn’t be returned to the owner. What happens to that firearm? What about the Fourth Amendment?

Quick Target Acquisition Optics: 

Matt talks different types of quick target acquisition optics. Here’s what to look for to give you more bang for your buck.