Nick Reed PODCAST: 10.04 – INTERVIEW: Linda Simmons Leaves KY3 After 14 Years

Hour 3 – 

Guest: Linda Simmons 

After 14 years, Linda Simmons announced that she is leaving KY3 and Gray Television. Linda joins Nick Reed this morning to share her story:

  • Linda shares the hoops she had to jump through for her religious exemption… Which she was denied.
  • Nick asks what the atmosphere was like when it comes to vaccine and mask mandates?
  • Linda had COVID-19 and was able to receive treatment that wasn’t approved by the FDA. She shares her experience with that treatment.
  • The problem with media & bias within the media.
  • Linda shares that over 40+ Gray Television employees throughout the country have been terminated due to the vaccine mandate as well.
  • You can follow Linda on social media HERE.