PODCAST: 05.04 – R1234yf… What Is It, & Why It Might Hurt Your Wallet

Ryan, manager of the Sunset location, hosts the program this morning. Here’s what he covers on this epic Star Wars Day:

  • Understanding your A/C and getting it fixed before it’s 90 degrees outside.
  • The government is now mandating refrigerant in newer model vehicles. By model year 2021, all newer vehicles will have a new refrigerant named “R1234yf”. Why? Well, here’s what the EPA says.
  • If you own an older vehicle, don’t worry – this is just for newer model vehicles being produced in and after 2021.
  • This new refrigerant will not only cost more to replace, but will also create new boundaries between 2021 model vehicles and shops.
  • This refrigerant requires special machinery, and if your shop can’t afford it… You’ll  have to go somewhere else.
  • For more information on R1234yf, click here. 
  • Want even more info? BG Products also wrote an article on R1234yf – click here.