PODCAST: 09.07 – Purchasing Guns on the Internet

  • Civil Liabilities & Purchasing Guns on the Internet: The Marketplace feature on Facebook use to allow you to purchase a firearm on the Internet. Facebook caught on, and put to a stop to it. So now people are selling “gun cases.” That allows sellers to get around that loop and to not only to sell a gun case, but also a gun inside.
  • Well Meaning 2nd Amend Gun Owners Are Hurting us: Although some mean to do good, they are actually hurting responsible gun owners. Craig talks about being both educated and smart when it comes to gun ownership.
  • Make Your Voice Heard: Folks, the squeaky wheel gets the most attention. Make your voice heard. For a list of representatives and public officials to contact, click here.
  • Real Solutions to Drug Related Crimes: John Stroup joins the program this morning to talk about his upcoming event, Save Our City Revival. There will be a recovery march, and support for those who need it.