PODCAST: 10.26 – Don’t Be a Victim

  • Crime Stats: This week we’ve had 93 calls for assaults, 47 calls for burglaries, and 24 calls for shots fired. This is just for one week, and just for the city limits of Springfield.
  • Cartel Violence: Local attorney Dee Wampler talks about the violence with Mexican cartel members. The interesting part is the amount of gun control that is pushed, yet the violence is out of control.
  • Make Your Voice Heard: Your voice matters. You have to remember that elected officials are suppose to work for YOU. If you would like to call and file a complaint, you can find a list of phone numbers to call on KSGF’s website. The list includes numbers to the White House, Mike Parson, Josh Hawley, Billy Long, and more. For the full list, click here.
  • Gun Control: Local attorney and firearms dealer, Craig Heidemann, talks about gun control on a state and federal level.
  • Don’t Be a Victim: Matt Canovi finishes up the hour by discussing ways to NOT be a victim of crime.