Cracker Barrel September Guest Schedule

Cracker Barrel Upcoming Guests

As we close in towards the November elections, Cracker Barrel is bringing politicians in to answer your questions before you head to the polls. Check out the list below of scheduled guests that will be joining the program this month: 


  • September 9th - Bob Dixon (R)  Running for Greene County Presiding Commissioner 
  • September 16th - The Kitchen Inc. Roz Palmer and Meleah Spencer
  • September 23rd - Jamie Schoolcraft (D) Running for U.S. Representative 7th District
  • September 30th - Claire McCaskill (D) Running for U.S. Senate


Join Cracker Barrel Sunday's at 7 a.m. on 104.1 KSGF and 94.7 KTTS, or watch the show live on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page. 


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