Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.11.17

Missouri Politics:
In the first 24 hours after being sworn in Governor Eric Greitens signed an executive order freezing all new government regulations till the end of next month. 

Things got off to a quick start in Jefferson City. Earlier this week there was a hearing on ethics reform and gifts from lobbyists. Governor Greitens also on day one banned his staff from taking gifts from lobbyists.

Small Business:
Earlier this week Bernie Sanders participated in a town hall meeting. He got into a heated debate with a small business owner about regulations on companies. 

When you buy a new home- government regulations now cost home buyers 24.3%. 

Fake News/ Russia/ Trump:
Yesterday Buzzfeed posted a dossier claiming Russia has something on President-Elect Donald Trump. The thing is in the story they admitted there are 'unverified allegations' in the story.

Donald Trump is fighting back...

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