Register to Play in the 12th Annual Operation: Paintball Warrior

Join 104.1 KSGF for the 12th annual Operation: Paintball Warrior, sponsored by Collins Oral Surgery & Implants, on Saturday, September 29th at Paintball Outpost in Strafford at 7:30am for a full day of paintball fun!

This year we are shaking the game up! Instead of playing 7 different teams (with lots of down time), we are playing two large teams and you will play the WHOLE TIME! You will be competing in four one-hour scenario games to see which team is the best. This year's tournament is one of strategy and team work- a lot like Axis and Allies. You will get 4 hours of game time! 

Registration is September 5th-26th. Proceeds benefits the Springfield chapter of the Disabled American Veterans. Registration is $50/ person or $40 for active duty military or Veterans.


Registration includes your equipment rental, c02, 1,000 paintballs, game day t-shirt (which must be worn at the tournament), and lunch with drinks.

The Springfield chapter of the DAV provides: free rides to local veterans to VA clinics and hospitals, support to 27 local veterans in nursing homes who have no family, and provides disabled veterans with advice/ assistance with disability and benefits paperwork. 

A special thanks goes out to the following businesses that helped make this event happen:  

The tournament will take place at Paintball Outpost- 3573 Evergreen Rd, Strafford, MO 65757

If we have additional room for players the day of the tournament, we will allow registration at the door. The price will increase to $75/ person and $65 for active duty or Veterans.

Outside food and beverages are welcome at the tournament, but glass containers and alcohol are prohibited. There will be a zero tolerance policy for drinking during the tournament and KSGF and/or Paintball Outpost has the right to turn players away for drinking- no refunds will be available to those removed from the game. 

Here's information about the day's game play...

Game 1:The Surge
Team death match with medics Objective is to overrun the opposing team’s territories.

Game 2: VIP
Get the VIP to the safe zone, There will be medics (VIP cannot respawn)

Game 3: Predators vs prey
No medics Hitting a predator gets the predator out. A predator hitting pray causes them to join the predator’s team.Points will be scored for defeating the predators.

Game 4: Golden Eye
Each team must find as many GOLD bars as possible to feed their hungry people. The gold bars are hidden throughout all territories. The team with the most GOLD bars at the end of the games wins. 11 total GOLD BARS are hidden, but you have flags to find them

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if medic gets hit? Medics will be allowed to be hit 3 times; the ref will clear the paint, mark the medic on his hand with a marker, and allow the medic to continue the game.
  2. What if I can’t find medic or they can’t come to me while playing? A medic is an individual who will be clearly marked by tape, with a cross. If a medic does not respond, a ref will inform you that either the medic is out or help you find one.
  3. Dead zones for players and locations? Dead zone are inside the staging area, and there will also be dead zones designated by the refs prior to game play.
  4. When can I respawn? When the medic has touched your paintball marker, you will go to the designated respawn point. When 5 minutes has elapsed, the player can then make his way to the start point and resume game play.
  5. The surge: do we get points for taking over one territory if we don’t take over both? Points will be awarded for each territory that is taken, and held for 15 min
  6. The surge game territory locations? All territories will be used in the surge game. (See attached map)
  7. Do both teams have VIPS? Both teams will have VIPS
  8. VIP Locations The VIP will remain with his team during the course of the game.
  9. What do VIPS LOOK LIKE? After the VIP has been designated he will then be provided with a suit jacket with no arm sleeves. And must wear it for the remainder of the game
  10. STARTING POINTS FOR VIP AND ENDING POINTS FOR VIP? VIPS will start at the same starting point as their team. To end the game successfully the VIP will need to touch the opposing teams starting point to win.
  11. FIELD LAYOUT territory FOR VIP GAME? All territories will be used for this game each team starting point will be designated by ref before the game starts.
  12. What is the point system for predators vs prey? The prey will be attacking the predators in a starting territory designated by the refs. If the prey pushes back the predators into another territory then the prey will gain 1 point. If the predators force the prey to retreat back to their territory then the predators gain 1 point. If the game timer ends and both teams are still standing then the team with the most points wins. If one team wipes out the other then they win and are awarded 1 point.
  13. Field layout territory for predator vs prey game? All 4 territories will be used, predators will be defending the first territory until they are pushed back to the next territory or wipe out the prey.
  14. Do you change arm bands when hit or becoming a predator? Once a player who is prey is hit, they will go to the designated ref for the predator team and switch their armband color and join the predators. 

Tentative Team List

Team 1 Team 2
Spree Hillard Ian Poe
Thomas Pomerleau Simon Poe
Darrell Sharp Andrew Poe
Zachary Wardenburg Jordan Poe
Josh Yount Matthew Poe
Stephen Leskowat Dalis Freemster
Daniel Letner Jon Boessen
Nick Paulson Fisher Taylor
Jason Shorr Hunter Taylor
Ryan Kelly Joe Leclaire
Brian Gould Nathan Lyne
Raymond Taylor Jeremy Hall
Chris Lawler Chandler Hardin
Wesley Severns Susan Hall
Shane Severns Trae Thompson
  Eli Berry
  Austin Berry
  Kevin Taylor
To be determined:  
Mark Tidwell  
Travis Forrest  
Addison Groves  
Jim Webb  
Eric Wood  
Eric Franklin  


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