2018 Will Greet us with a Blast of Cold Weather

If you haven't noticed- winter is here. Thankfully we aren't snowed in like they are in Erie, Pennsylvania, but we do have a slight chance of snow in our forecast on Sunday. 

If you thought temperatures this week have been cold- get ready. 2018 is going to greet the Ozarks with a blast of freezing arctic temperatures. Monday's current high in Springfield is set for only 12 degrees with a low of 0. While this sounds cold, it wont be a record breaking temperature for Springfield. That was set in 1928 at -8. Thankfully by the end of the first week of 2018 we should see some relief and temperatures will be closer to normal for this time of year- around 40(ish). 

Other cities around the Ozarks might have a better chance of coming close to their record low. 
Don't forget that with this cold weather- there are certain things that you should remember to do to keep your house safe. 

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