Asian Lady Beetles Terrorizing the Ozarks

If you spent any time in your yard yesterday doing last minute chores before it starts to get too cold, you may have noticed there were a ton of ladybugs out swarming. 

The thing is, they weren't ladybugs they are actually called Asian Lady Beetles. You can easily tell the difference between the two because this insect has two white dots on the back of its head.  There is also another way to distinguish between the two- they bite!  While their bite may not be dangerous to most- it does hurt- like a painful pinch. 

Here's why these annoying critters are out- they hate the cold!  They are trying to find a warm place to stay for the winter and your house looks very appealing.  Here's the thing. If you see one in your house, you natural reaction might be to grab a tissue and smooch it. Think again! When these Asian Lady Beetles are squished they emit a foul oder and actually can leave a stain on your carpet or walls. 

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