Protesters to Rally Against Talk Show Host Dana Loesch and the National Rifle Association

Protest Planned Against NRA and Talk Show Host

The ladies that marched on Washington D.C. in the pink vagina hats the day after President Trump was inaugurated, Women’s March Inc., recently sent an open letter to the head of the National Rifle Association's leader Wayne LaPierre. In the letter, the co-founder Tamika D. Mallory states that they believe that recent videos released with spokesperson, and talk show host, Dana Loesch are "dangerous propaganda" and a “direct endorsement of violence against people exercising the constitutional right to protest.”

She also mentions in the letter the lack of support by the NRA for Philando Castile and people who are black and brown. She told the Huffington Post that "the NRA’s mission statement on their website, they say that they are one of the oldest civil rights organizations, and Philando Castile is an example of exactly what it means to defend the civil rights of a person who has been violated by this country.”

On July 14th and 15th Women's March Inc. plans to protest the NRA and Dana Loesh. They will start their march in Fairfax, Virginia- home base for the NRA. They will continue their march 17 miles to Washington D.C. and the Department of Justice. 

The NRA responded to the letter written by Mallory with an online video called "We don't Apologize for telling the truth."

Don't forget you can listen to Dana Loesch weekdays on 104.1 FM, KSGF from Noon to 2pm. Tomorrow, Friday, July 14th she will be hosting a special show she's dubbed the "nationwide protest episode." 

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