Taxpayer Protection Amendment On Ballot

You'll have a chance to vote against new taxes in Missouri this November.

Amendment 4 would put a stop to new taxes on a number of personal services.

"Amendment 4 will protect taxpayers by constitutionally stopping a new sales tax on services that Missouri families use every day," said Scott Charton, spokesman for Missourians for Fair Taxation, the statewide coalition pushing the measure

Missouri does not currently tax services, but there is a real threat.

“The threat of new taxes on services is real, and you don't wait until your house is on fire to get a fire extinguisher," Charton said.

A broad range of services could be subject to new taxes on services. Examples include:

FAMILY SERVICES: Day care, rent, health care, self-defense instruction and tutoring.

PERSONAL SERVICES: Haircuts, manicures, tattoos, dry cleaning, car repairs and funerals.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Banking, accounting, advertising, technical installations and real estate.

HEALTH CARE SERVICES: Physicians, surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, eye doctors and counselors.

HOME SERVICES: Construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, installations and repairs, appraisals and inspections, lawn care and real estate.

Supporters of the amendment say sales taxes hit hardest on those least able to afford them: senior citizens, retirees and the disabled on fixed incomes.

They point out, low-and-middle-income families are already struggling, and a new tax on services would eat up more of their hard-earned paychecks.

Amendment 4, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment, is proposed by Missourians for Fair Taxation, a statewide coalition created to protect Missouri consumers.

The coalition was started by the 20,000-member Missouri REALTORS®.

Statewide professional and trade groups have joined the Amendment 4 coalition, including the National Federation of Independent Business, the Missouri Broadcasters Association, the Missouri Press Association and the Missouri Bankers Association.

Learn more about Amendment 4, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment, at

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