Reach out to Tiffany B:

It’s about to get REAL Ozarks.

Tiffany B is a published author, radio talk show host with KSGF News Talk 104.1 FM, & a community leader through her non-profit organization Ozarks Teen Transition Program, a ministry called Finley River Ministries and a Rural Kids Coalition. She also serves on the Christian County Coalition For Substance Misuse.

Tiffany attends a mega-church in the Bible-belt of Missouri. She writes candidly about her spiritual struggle and the struggles of many women in today’s ministry after their salvation.

Big Church, Little Church, Let Me In takes you on an emotional ride through a mom’s salvation after battling family drug addiction, physical abuse and internal dynamics that can cause a family to fall prey to the enemy’s attacks on today’s modern families. She writes openly and honestly about the struggle to find God through the doors of a mega-church and while battling modern trials of today’s world for women of all ages.

You will be refreshed and renewed in God’s purpose and love as you walk with the story teller on a journey filled with raw emotion and passion after being saved. This is a must read for new Christian women in today’s world.

Join together as you laugh, cry and witness God’s mighty hands at work as He transforms an entire family over the course of a year.

Tune in to KSGF News Talk 104.1 on Sunday mornings from 7 am to 8 am for Talk It Out with Tiffany B! We will be talking about community issues our youth faces, have some everyday humor and discuss current events.