Summer Redemption

Author of the Week

Guest: Dan Vandiver

From the Publisher:
"Travis Collins is a troubled teen. Abandoned by his mother and ignored by his father, he looks to his peers for attention and acceptance. Dared by his friends, the fourteen-year-old commits a minor crime that lands him in front of a juvenile court judge. At his own father’s suggestion, the judge agrees to send Travis to serve a summer’s worth of probation on his uncle’s farm in the Ozarks. Both his father and the judge believe that a summer of exposure to some farm work and country values would be good for Travis. Travis couldn’t disagree more. Enraged at being forced to leave his friends in the city to spend an entire summer break as a forced laborer for an uncle he barely remembers, Travis vows to himself to hate everything about the farm, and to despise everyone involved in his summer in purgatory. Little does Travis know how much the events and experiences of the summer will change his life."

This ABC Books Author of the Week was featured on KSGF Mornings of Nick Reed on Thursday, July 27, 2017. 

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