The Dangers of Depo: The World's Most Dangerous Birth Control

Author of the Week

Guest: Dr. Poppy Daniels

From the Cover:
"The Dangers of Depo" is about the dangers, even potentially lethal effects, of the injectable birth control Depo-Provera. By sharing the controversial history of Depo, women’s stories, and explaining the scientific research regarding the shots’ many serious side effects, the authors hope women are better able to understand the drug so they can make truly informed choices.

"The Dangers of Depo" is packed with practical information and resources on recovering from Depo, non-hormonal family planning options and restoring healthy hormones. Written by a woman who has personally suffered because of Depo and a doctor who saw first-hand the problems Depo caused with her patients, this book is a must-read for women considering using Depo, those who have used it, as well as those caring for and counseling women.

This ABC Books Author of the Week was featured on KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed on Thursday, August 10, 2017. 

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