Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 06.08.18

James Wolfe: 

James A. Wolfe, a former staffer for the Senate Intelligence Committee has been arrested earlier this week, after being indicted on felony counts for making false statements to the FBI. Wolfe was allegedly leaking confidential information to the New York Times, and also lied about relationships he was having. It was not until he was shown photo evidence of the leak and the relationships he then remembered. 

Joy Reid not so sweet: 

In case you missed it, Joy Reid, host of MSNBC's "AM Joy" was under fire earlier this year for old blog posts that emerged. These posts were explained as racist, vulgar, and anti-LGBT redderick. Joy Reid responded to the posts by saying she didn't write the posts, and someone had to have hacked into her blog. Now, accounts are coming forward of what it's like to work with Joy Reid.

Alice Marie Johnson: 

Alice Marie Johnson was one of the few that President Donald Trump has granted clemency. Johnson was sentenced to life without parole after she was convicted of a first-time nonviolent drug offense and charges related to money laundering. Kim Kardashian West got wind of Johnson's case, and pleaded with President Trump to help Johnson. 

Johnson was released earlier this week, and went on Fox News to talk about her experience. Johnson said she is grateful for Donald Trump - “Thank you so much President Trump for taking the time to look at my case and to really look at me,” she said. “I promise you President Trump, I will make you proud that you gave me that second chance.” (Fox News). 

Romney believes in Trump 2020:

Mitt Romney says that he predicts a Donald Trump presidency for 2020. Romney was known for lashing out on Trump, so why the change of heart? Some believe that it's because Romney has his name in the running for Senator of Utah. 

Anthony Bourdain:

Bourdain was found unresponsive early this morning. The cause of death was reported as suicide. Bourdain was 61 years old. 

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