Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 06.12.18

Domino's is asking you to nominate your city to have their potholes fixed! 

Bill Clinton is weighing in on Al Franken's resignation from last year and it isn't sitting well in the #MeToo era. 

There are 6.7 million job openings and 6.4 million workers. 

Meeting with North Korea:
Yesterday President Trump met with Kim Jong-Un about denuclearization. 

The liberal media is making it look like President Trump is legitimizing Kim Jong-Un. 

... and of course they can't help but hope that our economy crashes, and your pocketbook hurts, so we can get Trump out of office.

Corruption in Missouri:
Wonder if they are talking about what's happening in Greene County???

August Election:
Karen Echols says she is a moderate Republican running against Mike Moon, but he says she is a Democrat.

Seattle Homelessness:
It looks like there are plans to repeal the homeless tax on businesses

Justin Trudeau:
Do you think he had fake eyebrows and one fell off?

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