Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.02.18

Proposition A:
On August 7th all Missouri voters will be heading to the polls to vote on Proposition A, also known as right to work.

  • Do the people of the state of Missouri want to adopt Senate Bill 19 (“Right-to-Work”) as passed by the general assembly in 2017, which prohibits as a condition of employment the forced membership in a labor organization (union) or forced payments of dues in full or pro-rata (fairshare); make any activity which violates employees’ rights illegal and ineffective; allow legal remedies for anyone injured as a result of another person violating or threatening to violate employees’ rights; and which shall not apply to union agreements entered into before the effective date of Senate Bill 19?

Currently there is a commercial running that compares our upcoming to vote to what happened in Oklahoma. 

Supreme Court:
Republican Sen. Susan Collins says she will not confirm anyone who would overturn Roe v. Wade

A federal judge ruled on Friday that a state ban in Missouri on advertising alcohol prices violates the first amendment. 

The left is always saying they are tolerant, but yet the refuse to coexist with those that believe differently from them. 

Newspaper shooting:
A reporter at Reuters is apologizing after he blamed President Trump for the shooting at a newspaper last week. 

Wilson's Creek:
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield is adding electric vehicle charging stations. 

Governor Parson:
Even thought he claims to be conservative, he is out pushing for a higher gas tax and encouraging Missouri voters to say "yes" in November. 

Hillary Clinton:
Did she really just compare herself to Churchill?

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