Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.09.18

United Way/ Give 5:
At the last Springfield City Council meeting they pushed thru emergency legislation to give $125,575 to the United Way to launch the "Give 5" program which the Springfield City Manager Greg Burris is talking about leading. 

The City of Springfield is considering requiring all dog owners to license their dogs. 

Nick thinks that the City is doing this to threaten people into voting for the pit bull ban in August. 

  • Official ballot language:
    Shall the City of Springfield establish a future ban upon the possession of new pit bull dogs within the City limits by prohibiting acceptance of any new pit bull registrations and only allowing renewals of existing current pit bull dog registrations by amending the Springfield City Code, Chapter 18, ‘Animals,’ Article II, ‘Dogs, Cats and Ferrets,’ Division 3, ‘Prohibition of Pit Bull Dogs,’ by amending Section 18-98, ‘Additional Regulations,’ through the addition of such language to said section and designating an effective date?

Under Obamacare if an insurance company has too many sick people that are bleeding their company, the government is supposed to take money from another insurance company to cushion them. Recently a US district court ruled this can't be done- so the Trump administration stopped doing it. Now the liberal media is attacking Trump for being heartless. 

Hillary Clinton:
Some interesting activity is happening with Hillary Clinton- which leads some to ask if she is gearing up for a 2020 run against Trump. 

The Clinton's flying commercial??

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