Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.11.18

Bob Cirtin:
Greene County Commissioner, Bob Cirtin, (who is up for re-election in August) is in trouble once again for violating campaign ethics' rules. 

President Trump called out Germany considering getting into a relationship with Russia over energy. 

Poland, who used to be in a relationship with Russia is urging countries to not do business with them.

Supreme Court:
Senator McCaskill sent out an email to all of her supporters, asking them what their feelings are about the Supreme Court nominee. She is totally making this decision on political reasons- not because he is qualified, or not. 

Give 5:
It looks like it's happened, former Springfield City Manager has joined the United Way to take the position of running Give 5.

This is after the City Council  pushed thru emergency legislation to give $125,575 to the United Way. 

MSU Study on Penis size:
It was learned that MSU professor recently posted on Reddit asking for people to submit "dick pics" for a study on the link between penis size and self-esteem. After push back, the study was canceled. 

Gas Station Fire:
After a minivan drove away with the gas pump in their car- it caught two Lamborghini's on fire. 

Thailand Rescue:
Hollywood producers are already in Thailand trying to plot a movie about the soccer team that was stuck in the cave. 

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