Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.19.18

Matt Canovi:
The host of "The Gun Show" on KSGF will be holding an open house at his gun range, just north of Bolivar, this Saturday. 

Looks like someone is finally calling out people for their hysteria over plastic straws- it was all based up a 9-year-olds project. 

Greene County:
It was revealed during a trial that Greene County deputies need to make contact with three people an hour. Some consider it a quota- Sheriff Arnott thinks differently, and is speaking up.

Illegal Immigration:
Non-citizens are being signed up to vote in San Francisco to vote in school elections. 

A runway model was breastfeeding her five month old while walking the runway for Sports Illustrated.

Author of the Week:
Conrad Black wrote a book that explains why President Trump is like no other president that has lead our country. 

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