Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.23.18

Nick Reed was out of the studio this morning, and the show was a "best of." Here are the stories that were mentioned. 

Josh Hawley:
Tomorrow President Trump will be in town campaigning for Hawley.

Plastic Straws:
Everyone is claiming the ban on plastic straws is a victory for society, but what people don't realize is Starbuck's new lids without straws are actually using more plastic!

Looks like someone is finally calling out people for their hysteria over plastic straws- it was all based up a 9-year-olds project.

Missouri Taxes:
Governor Parson signed legislation to lower the individual tax rate from 5.9% to 5.5%

A runway model was breastfeeding her five month old while walking the runway for Sports Illustrated.

Greene County:
It was revealed during a trial that Greene County deputies need to make contact with three people an hour. Some consider it a quota- Sheriff Arnott thinks differently, and is speaking up.

Illegal Immigration:
Non-citizens are being signed up to vote in San Francisco to vote in school elections. 

Home Ownership:
The government is once again going to tip the real estate market- this time giving free down payments to some families in Missouri.

Senator McCaskill:
It's funny because she spends so much time beating up on big businesses for being "evil" and now she is out defending those same people. Could it be that it's an election year?

Unemployment Rate:
A socialist candidate from New York thinks the unemployment rate is low because there aren't that many jobs left- because people have to work 2 jobs. I guess no one told her they don't count the jobs open for the unemployment numbers- they count the people out of work. 

The LGBTQ community was upset that Scarlett Johansson was going to play the role of woman who transitioned into a man. They were upset that someone in teh LGBTQ community didn't get the role. 

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