Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.24.18

Last week it was big news that someone wrote on their receipt "we don't tip terrorists." The owner of the Texas restaurant is saying that the server fabricated the story.

North Korea:
Satellite images are showing that North Korea is dismantling their missile facilities. Don't forget before President Trump took office that they were testing ballistic missiles all the time!  

Illegal Immigration:
There is controversy in Texas after a business card was spotted for a lawn company that says "your alternative to illegal lawn services."

August Election:
The Greene County Clerk is looking for election judges for the August 7th election. 

  • Election Judge Application. (Greene County Clerk)
  • Regular Election Judge:  $115   Stipend (Additional $20 if attended training and completed working Election Day). A regular Election Judge helps process by initialing and issuing ballots, and checking voters in on the tablet/laptop.
  • Supervisory Election Judge:  $130  Stipend (Additional $20 if attended training and completed working Election Day). A supervisory Election Judge helps process voters by initialing and issuing ballots, checking voters in on the tablet/laptop, and helping manage the precinct throughout Election Day. Supervisory Judges must also bring back all of the required supplies to the Elections Center in the same car as the other Supervisory Judge in the bipartisan team.
  • Super Judge:  $210 Stipend (Federal Elections ONLY). A Super Judge holds the responsibilities of a regular (and/or a supervisory) Election Judge plus the responsibility for the Ballot Marking Device (BMD) machine (approx. 25 lbs) at his/her assigned precinct. A Super Judge must pick up the BMD machine the night prior to the Election and return the BMD machine to the Elections Center on Election Night. Payment includes completion of Election Day and two trainings.
  • Qualifications for an Election Judge: Registered Voter in the State of Missouri, Person of good character and repute, Not related to any candidate on the ballot, Can Read and Write the English Language

Stormy Daniels:
It looks like her husband has filed for divorce.

Ride the Ducks:
After Thursday's tragic accident on Table Rock Lake, many are calling for the government to step in with more regulations.

Security Clearances:
President Trump is considering removing security clearances from people in the Obama administration and people are freaking out.

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