Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.25.18

President Trump:
CNN released audio conversations between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen about Playboy model Karen McDougal.

The Denver Post published an editorial suggesting that Trump should be executed fro treason. 

John Goodman is speaking out against the Right-to-Work ballot issue in August.

Senator McCaskill:
They are still investigating what happened last week at Table Rock Lake, however Senator McCaskill is already working on legislation to keep this from happening again. 

Maybe she is doing this to keep the media from talking about this one...

Border Wall:
A Oregon student was suspended earlier this year for wearing a pro-border wall t-shirt. He then sued the school. The school has settled with the student and will receive an apology and they will pay his $25,000 attorney fee. 

Sacha Baron Cohen:
Jason Spencer, a Georgia state lawmaker, has resigned after he was entrapped by Sacha Baron Cohen and while on video used a racial slur. 

Hillary Clinton:
What is she wearing around her neck?

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