Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 07.26.18

Just a day after a CNN host released audio of Donald Trump talking to Cohen about a Playboy bunny Karen McDougal. The Wall Street Journal then releases audio of Cohen talking to the CNN host about paying Stormy Daniels without Trump's approval and how he created a shell company to pay McDougal. 

Some Republicans are pretending to be appalled by what President Trump is doing with tariffs when they would do the same thing if it would get them elected. 

Trump doesn't care about the United States being the most friendly country- he is looking out for the interest of America coming out on top. 

A St. Louis couple said they were denied living in a senior living community because the are lesbians. The facility says they do not meet their policy that says marriage should be between a man and woman. 

Missouri Senate Primary:
Austin Petersen is giving away a Ghost Gunner 2 and liberals are going crazy. 

Servers can now spend time in jail, in one California town, if they give out plastic straws.

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