Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.06.18

Greene County Presiding Commissioner Race:
The election between Bob Cirtin and Bob Dixon is heating up, and last week Cirtin took to social media to announce that John Ashcroft is endorsing his candidacy. The chairperson of the Greene County Republican Party central committee says she hasn't seen any evidence of the endorsement.

Lebron James:
Everyone in the media is talking about how President Trump attacked Lebron James in a Tweet. Well, Lebron James was the first one to take a jab. He did so while doing an interview with Don Lemon on CNN.

Here's the President's tweet...

Now they are dragging the first lady into the issue. She issues a diplomatic statement, saying that Lebron does great charitable work, and the media is saying that she sides with the basketball player over her husband.

Minimum Wage:
In November Missouri voters will head to the polls to vote on numerous things, including growing minimum wage to $12.

Missouri Senate Race:
This weekend a man was spotted outside of the Battlefield mall in just his boxers asking people to support Austin Petersen tomorrow in the Senate Republican race.

Toni Monetti who is also a Republican running for Senate announced last week on a radio station in Kansas City that he will be voting no on Proposition A- Right to Work.

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