Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.10.18

In January a new ordinance went into place that covers "pedestrian safety." Some are saying this was a backhanded way to get rid of panhandlers in Springfield. 

Tax Incentives:
Another show that takes places in Missouri has gotten attention for being filmed in Georgia- a lot like "Ozark."  It all stems down to the fact that the production company got a better deal by filming there. 

A Kansas City man was removed from his poling place for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. Come to find out he could wear it.

In Ohio the conveniently found a bunch of ballots that didn't get counted. 

The media knows that most people are ignorant to the specific ins and outs on immigration laws- so they are taking the opportunity of Melania's parents becoming American citizens to slam the President. 

NFL Protests:
Last night was the official kick-off to the next football season- and once again we saw people taking a knee. 

A school in Georgia announced they would remove the pledge from school and replace it with a "wolf pack chant." They got pushback and have now reversed their decision. 

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