Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.27.18

The spokesperson and lawyer said late last week that Michael Cohen had information on President Trump and Russia that would be interesting to Muller. Now, he is backtracking. 

Democrat's Desires:
If Democrats regain control after the midterm elections- here are a list of things they will probably want to do. 

Racism/ Sexism:
A NASCAR driver just lost his sponsorship due to the fact that his father used the n-word back int he 80's. 

A 5th grade student got in trouble for calling his teacher ma'am.

A German historian thinks we have become a crybaby society and says we need to grow up. 

Protestors are upset at the owner of the convenience store that was the center of the Michael Brown case. They have been giving the owner of the business a list of demands and now the demands are getting so crazy that they include selling him the store. 

Springfield Dickerson Park Zoo:
Coming up on Saturday, September 8th the Dickerson Park Zoo is holding a fundraiser for Friends of the Zoo. 

As the City of Springfield is mulling allowing a city-wide contract for trash services, St. Louis is headed the opposite way because of the amount of problems they have had. 

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