Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.31.18

Minimum Wage:
Josh Hawley just said that he thinks that the vote on the $12 minimum wage is probably a good idea... and goes further! 

A couple who was helped out by a homeless man when they were in a pinch raised a good chunk of money on GoFundMe for him. After he started blowing the money on drugs and booze, they stopped giving him the money, so he sued them. He won and now his lawyers will set up a trust for the money

Missouri Legislation:
House Bill 1460- Authorizes a tax deduction for any prize or award won by an Olympic medalist

Senate Bill 52-Creates several provisions relating to suicide awareness and prevention

Greene County Audit:
Greene County Commissioner Lincoln Hough is calling again for an audit of the county, but it can only be done once the new Presiding commissioner is seated after the November election. The problem is, Hough is running for Missouri Senate, so how will the timing work? There are some theories. 

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